• Project Number:
  • Project Title:
    Developing Competences of Pre-Service Teachers through STE(A)M-based Renewable Energy Curriculum
  • Project Acronym:
  • Project Budget:
    221.515,00 Euro
  • Start Date:
    28 ,February 2022
  • End Date:
    27, February 2024

#Project Summary

RENEWTEACH serve a purpose to build a capacity for the education sector at higher education level in partner countries. In this way Preservice teacher's digital skills and STEAM skills in the context of RE will develop, and they will become equipped for RE. The development of the Preservice teacher's environmental friendly behaviors, digital and STEAM skills will be reflected into their teaching practices in their professional lives and, by being spread to different groups (peers, parents, etc.) via the students, prejudices hindering social acceptance will be overcome. In addition, by opening Renewteach products to stakeholder countries and external users, many teacher candidates and teachers will be able to access these contents digitally and cope with the risky situation caused by Covid-19 in the educational environment. Thanks to the industry and field partners, the Renewteach project is expected to create synergy among different segments such as NGO, teachers, academics and policymakers.