PR1- Development of Curriculum and Training Program for Preservice Teachers

In order to develop the STE(A)M based RE curriculum, a content will be created in which the STEM skills are integrated in the RE context. A bottom-up methodology will be used to identify themes in curriculum. In the Delphi study, the views of scientists, climate scientists, risk psychologists and engineers and academicians working on RE will be sought, and so interviews will be conducted with them regarding what should be included in the curriculum for the RE course. Resulting from these interviews, the emerging themes will be defined. Secondly, a content analysis will be carried out with a scan of the related literature. In the content analysis, the themes that should be included in the curriculum (e.g. necessary information related to RE) will be defined from the studies made on the subject of RE. The themes obtained as a result of the Delphi study and content analysis will then be combined, and the curriculum content will be determined. UU academic team has done academic research on RE in their past experience. In addition, the team has curriculum development experience with bottom-up methodology in KA2 projects and National TUBITAK projects. Therefore, the leader of this PR is UU. All partners were included in the development phase, as the curriculum to be developed aims to gain feedback and cooperation from all sectors.It will last 8 months.

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