PR2 Development of Multimedia Based Online Learning Content and Material

PR2 is based on meeting the needs specified in PR1. In short, the most important need for PR2 is its complement to PR1. Thanks to the curriculum (PR1) developed in the context of RE based on STEAM and the Multimedia Based Online Learning Content and Material (PR2) which includes the application practices of this curriculum, preservice teachers (PST) will have a new curriculum. Learning materials will qualify as tools that enable STEAM integration in RE through innovative pedagogies such as hands on minds on, inquiry based learning etc. In accordance with the themes in the curriculum (PR1) a learning and teaching framework will be prepared that includes cognitive, affective and talented achievements. This learning and teaching framework will serve as a guide regarding which outcome (cognitive, effective, skillful) is to be gained with which learning material. The learning materials will be designed according to the guide produced as a result of learning and teaching framework. All the learning materials will be presented to the preservice teachers on a digital platform. Digital design activities, such as animations and simulations. For example, design-type activities showing the user the parts of a wind turbine combined in an animated environment will be included in this result.

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